When the line-up of PDA’s of the year 2003 was announced by HP, the line up itself proved to be a great evidence of the thoughtfulness of the manufacturer in considering the specific needs of specific groups of people. While the HP iPAQ Pocket PC series 4000 and 5000 aimed on the corporate sector managers and executives, the Pocket PC 1900 and 2000 series aimed solely on the individual consumers and the average users. One of the major complaints about the earlier model iPAQ PDAs was that they did not provide built-in expansion slots. Well, HP has given ears to this and has come up with the HP iPAQ H2210 Pocket PC .

HP iPAQ H2210 Pocket PC PDA

The Hewlett Packard iPAQ H2210 Pocket PC has been designed with a mobile professional in mind. This model boasts to be having a lot of pluses. It is the first model to have been released with dual expansion slots that includes integrated CompactFlash Type II and Secure Digital and it is also the only mobile to have used the then released Windows Mobile 2003. Though this model is not as slim or affordable as the HP iPAQ H1940, the H2210 has got a lot more of other attractive features.

Compact body and a great display of H2210:

As we said earlier, though the iPAQ H2210 is not as compact as its predecessor, it is not big too. It has its dimensions to be (H X W X D) 4.3″ x 3″x 0.6″, weighing just 5.1 ounces. The PDA HP iPAQ H2210 is in fact lighter and slimmer then the original iPAQs that did not have any expansion slots. This model has a top-notch transflective, 65,000-color, TFT display of resolution 240 x 320. This display is particularly very impressive as it seems to be brighter than the ones found in of Toshiba’s e330 and e335 models. While used indoors, the white background has very less grey and while outside, you will be able to read the text without any problem even in bright sunlight.

Buttons and ports available:

Below the screen are four quick launch buttons and a directional pad. The power button is available on the top of the device and there is a LED just behind the power button that changes colours (green/ orange and blue) depending on the type of alert that it is sending. Out of the two lights, one is blue that indicates Bluetooth and the other notifies device alerts and when the power adaptor is being connected. The power button is small and slightly inset and is very easy to press and get the device activated. The top of the PDA has the highlight feature of the Pocket PC, the dual expansion slots to which you can slide in a CF I or II or SD card and SDIO cards. The bottom of the device only contains a sync connection port, no separate power adapter connection.

Similarities with the Dell model:

Though HP claims that the iPAQ H2210 Windows Pocket PC was under development even before the Dell Axim X51V was released, it is hard to stop thinking that the two models are illegitimate cousins. And one of the main reasons for thinking so is that, both these models have a black rubberised side panels that prevents the device from slipping out of your hands. However, we have to confess that the H2210 looks better than the Dell X5.

Responsive joystick like button and the absence of a recording button:

HP has managed to incorporate some unique design features into the iPAQ H2210. It has a very responsive joystick like navigational button that gives a true feel of a joystick rather than a four way navigational key. No dedicated button is provided for voice recording memos, it has to be activated from within the notes application. However, this is definitely not going to be a worrying factor for most of the users as the record button is hardly used and it usually has a habit of being accidentally activated. The iPAQ can be connected both via sync cradle connection or via the integrated Bluetooth.

The cradle and protective cover:

The package contents differ slightly form what you get with its predecessor. It includes a cradle and canvas protective cover. Another major advantage is that since iPAQ H2210 Pocket PC PDA has the standard headphone minijack, you will be able to use whatever headphone you want without having to buy an extra adaptor. The cradle is elegant, eye-catching as usual with HP devices. There is no decorative neon inscription like those Dell and Asus have, but you can charge the device and a spare battery at the same time. It is relatively light but rock stable on the desk. The USB cable offered is short and it would have been better if it was long enough. The protective case is somewhat strange. It is not the usual case but a simple folding pocket made of a tough material, sewed together on the sides with rubber. The Pocket PC fits in well and basic protection is guaranteed. But the worst part is that, the stitches inside a quite sharp and so that the sides of your PDA might get scratched after a few days of use.

Memory and processor of iPAQ H2210:

When it comes to features, apart form the additional expansion slots, this model is quite similar to its predecessor. It has got 32MB of ROM to include the new Pocket PC 2003 OS and 64MB of RAM, out of which only 56MB can be made use of by the user. The most wanted Bluetooth is available. And on the side of differences, this iPaq H2210 uses the 400MHz XScale processor, and you do get consumer-grade IR, which allows you to turn the device into a programmable universal remote control using the included Nevo application. We feel that the allegedly more energy-efficient 266MHz Samsung processor could have done a better job than the processor that has been employed.  Though the 400MHz PXA255 processor that is employed is said to be the fastest processor in the current market, the Samsung version is equally speedy and energy efficient too.

Nevo remote control application:

Beyond the above mentioned Nevo remote control application, you cannot expect much in terms of the software extras. The Nevo application is a truly multifunctional remote control. You can define any number of devices, separately for each room. Even though there is a huge number of presets for TV sets, VCRs, DVDs, amplifiers and other infrared controlled devices of different makes, many are missing. The programme includes a learning mode which will be very handy. The Pocket PC OS 2003 has got more embedded applications than that of the OS 2002. The usual assortment of demos and the full suite of Microsoft applications like pocket Microsoft office, internet explorer, reader, streets and windows media player are available for your use.

Hewlett Packard iPAQ H2210 Pocket PC

iPAQ Backup:

Some of the other notable applications includes the iPAQ Backup which is a diagnostic toolkit that allows you to test your device and Peacemaker, which is an application that negotiates communication between pocket PC and Palms. iPAQ Backup is an advanced solution for backing up data and programmes. You can choose what you would like to back up, which databases, files and registers. You can also choose to compress and/or encrypt the data or exclude some types of files. As a cherry on the cake, you can tell the programme to back up your files at a specified time or when the battery power decreases to a set level.

Image viewer application:

HP has also included an image viewer application, another one comes with the OS and the OS also has a very addictive gaming application called the jawbreaker. Well, it is nothing exceptional as it simply displays all pictures in a folder and you can choose pictures to view in their real size or create a slide show, which can morph one picture into another using several effects.

Video and Audio:

HP iPAQ H2210 Pocket PC runs video smoothly and the audio quality is also quite good, which might have been improved with the upgrading to Windows Media 9. The iPaq audio control panel acts as an equaliser and using this, the bass and the treble levels can be adjusted.

Battery and its life:

Another good feature of  HP iPAQ Pocket PC H2210 that is worth mentioning is that, this model has removable batteries and so, you will be able to swap an extra cell when required. But unlike the H1940, the H2210 is not compatible with the older iPaq expansion sleeves and accessories. The battery life of the model has very respectable numbers. With the background light set to 50%, the device lasts for 4hours and 24 minutes and plays MPEG video for a little more than three hours.

Package contents:

The package contents include a HP iPAQ h1940, Li-Ion battery 900mAh, AC power supply with an adapter for direct charging of the device, a cradle with a USB cable, a protective case, a CD-ROM with Outlook 2002 and bonus apps, a coupon worth 5 points for iPAQ Choice Software, a quick start guide, a warranty card and a few leaflets.


HP offers the HP iPAQ H2210 Pocket PC one year limited warranty.


The HP iPAQ H2210 Pocket PC does not have anything really bad in its pockets. Its dual expansion slots, great transflective display, Bluetooth, consumer grade IR, removable battery, and its ability to double as a remote control for home theater gear are all its major plus points. With so much to offer, they is no reason why we must stop you form getting one in your pockets.

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Technical Specification details of Hewlett Packard iPAQ H2210 Pocket PC

Manufacturer HP
Model Name HP iPAQ H2210 Pocket PC
PDA type Pocket PC
Form factor Candy bar
Display type TFT active matrix
Display size 3.5″
Colour support 16-bit (64K colours)
Max resolution 240 x 320 pixels
Dimensions (W x D x H) 3 in x 0.6 in x 4.5 in
Weight 5.1 oz
Colour Metallic silver
Expansion base Docking cradle
Operating system Microsoft Windows Mobile for Pocket PC 2003 Premium
Applications included Clock, Inbox, Notes, Tasks, Memory , Calendar,
Contacts, Solitaire, Calculator, Jawbreaker,
IPAQ Backup, Pocket Word, Align Screen,
Asset Viewer, Pocket Excel, Pocket Watch, File Explorer,
PeaceMaker 1.0, Voice Recorder, IPAQ File Store,
ListPro (Trial), Infrared Beaming, IPAQ Image Viewer,
IPAQ Task Manager, Microsoft ActiveSync,
Ilium eWallet (Trial), Margi Presenter-to-Go,
RealOne Mobile Player, Cadenza mNotes (Trial),
Microsoft Outlook 2002, Westtek ClearVue Suite,
Pocket Internet Explorer, IPresentation Mobile Client LE,
Adobe Acrobat Reader for Pocket PC and Windows
Media Player for Pocket PC
Installed RAM 64MB
RAM technology SDRAM
Installed ROM 32MB Flash
Processor Intel 400 MHzXScale PXA255
Input device type Stylus, Touch-screen
Digital audio standards supported MP3
Audio input type Microphone
Audio output type Speaker
Voice recording capability Yes
Email protocols supported POP3
Wireless connectivity IrDA, Bluetooth
Battery life 12 hrs
Warranty 1 year